Buy a Real Christmas Tree For The Environment

Yes, a real Christmas tree is better for the environment rather than an artificial tree. When the holidays are over, you can recycle your tree by grinding it up into mulch. If you can’t grind it yourself, like me, go to Home Depot, and they are more than happy to take it from you.  View…

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The Ultimate Couple’s Guide to Bulk Shopping

As a couple living as two in an apartment or a house, there isn’t a need to go bulk shopping like when you were growing up if you had siblings. Also, if consciously trying to make sure you’re not wasting anything and eating more fresh produce rather than pantry items, it’s hard to buy in…

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5 Tips on How to Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

This is some advice based on my real-life experience on how I cut down my plan by $54 a month! Whether you are rolling in dough or not, you might have felt pressured to immediately sign onto a car insurance plan on the day when you bought or leased a car. Here are some tips…

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Welcome to Live Learn Dream!

Live Learn Dream is for someone who desires to take control of her life and is empowered by the wealth of knowledge from her learnings, the good and bad. Her individuality is what she learns to cherish and finds strength in – personality, skill sets, talents, passion, and interests. She learns how to be kind…

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Hello, I’m Cee! I’m a lifestyle blogger during my downtime and a consultant and producer during the day. This blog is to share experiences in travel, work, beauty, relationships, cooking, shopping and lifestyle tips that I hope can inspire you to live the best version of yourself in whichever stage you are in life and have fun with no regrets!

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