Getting my sh*t together every day is always a challenge. Here are the top 25 apps to upgrade your life to be the most productive you – giving you that extra bit of free time to do absolutely nothing.

It’s hard not to live without my phone right beside my side. If anything, I almost completely rely on my phone and that is why I want to share with you all the essential mobile apps I use on a daily basis – and will show you how I organize them in its own folder. This has ultimately helped me in the past year to upgrade my way of living, and hopefully, it will for you too! Any suggestions on how to upgrade the list below – please let me know in the comments below!


  1. Natural Cycles
    • I don’t like to use birth control pills because it screws up my hormones which result in random acne and moodiness, and my sleeping schedule isn’t consistent either.
    • By taking my temperature (nearly every morning), I am able to know when I can prevent pregnancy, when I will have PMS, and when my period will come.
  2. Google Home Mini
    • Every morning I ask “What is the weather today?”
    • Or I’ll remember something and ask Google to add it to my shopping list
  3. Spotify
    • Spotify is connected to my Google Home so I always ask Google to play my latest playlist while I’m in the shower and/or doing my makeup
  4. Fitbit
    • Fitbit Charge 2
      • Can’t live without this thing. it’s on my wrist 24/7. I’ll immediately check how I’ve slept the night before to give myself a reminder when I should go to sleep tonight.
    • Fitbit Aria 2
      • Right before showering, I weight myself and it syncs with my Fitbit App.


  1. Delta / Southwest Airlines
    • Fly Delta – I usually fly Delta for personal reasons, like when I fly back to Michigan to visit family and friends. I use the app to check-in, change seats, pass security,  board the plane, and it gives me notifications on where and when my bags are after the flight.
    • Southwest – For business trips, I fly Southwest and use the app to check-in and use this app as my boarding ticket when going through security and at the gate.
  2. Hurdlr
    • My boyfriend recommended me this app, as he used it for when he was doing Amazon and Favor deliveries to track his mileage. I use it when I am driving to and from the airport for business trips, so I can add that to my expense sheets when I submit it to the company I work for.
  3. Hertz
    • Traveling from one city to another for weddings and meeting up with friends led me to sign up for Hertz’s free Gold Plus Rewards program and I use their app to check on my reservation status.
  4. Lyft / Uber
    • I predominantly use Lyft because the app is more user-friendly and the experience overall is a lot nicer than Uber (in my opinion). I only use Uber in cities that don’t really have a lot of Lyft drivers. Or, if I have to go to the airport really early in the morning, like 6 am, I’ll check between both apps to see if any drivers are available.
  5. Android Auto
    • My favorite app when I’m driving to and from work. It’s really easy to use Spotify, talk to the Google Assistant (adding items to my shopping list, calling loved ones or for work), and using Google Maps for long drives.
  6. Car2go
    • When I moved back to the States and ended up in Austin, Texas… I definitely did not want to purchase or lease a car because it felt like such a big responsibility and a hassle if I were to move again to another city. Also, when I was living in downtown Austin for my first year here, I wanted to learn about the city and my actual routine to see how many times I actually need a car to get to places.
    • Outside of my first apartment in downtown Austin had lots of car2go cars, so I was lucky to always jump into a car2go if I needed one. Plus side on using a car2go, you don’t have to pay any meters and can park (almost) wherever you like downtown.

💻 WORK 👩

  1. Outlook / Gmail
    • Outlook – I use Outlook for my 9to5 job as a producer.
    • Gmail – I use Gmail accounts for personal and business mails.
    • Gmail Calendar – I like to use the Gmail Calendar widget on my home screen to combine all my 9to5 work and personal schedule together.
  2. Keep Notes (Google)
    • This is where I store and organize all my notes (9to5 work, business, and personal stuff).
    • The reason why I use Keep Notes is that it syncs to whichever Google Chrome browser I am using (work laptop/home pc/mobile) and it is user-friendly.
  3. Drive (Google)
    • I use Google Team Drive for both work and personal. Out of all cloud apps, I’ve found throughout the time that using the Drive has been so much more helpful in making my daily routine super efficient.
    • Specifically, I use Drive to upload photos from my phone to my personal drive. And for work, if I need to review something (Google SlidesGoogle Docs, or Google Sheets) on the go!


  1. Zocdoc
    • Living in Australia for the longest time in my adulthood and moving to a new state, made me feel pretty useless when going to the doctors or filling our health insurance plans. My colleagues introduced me to Zocdoc which helps you find nearby doctors in your network, there are reviews by real patients, and you can book appointments with your doctor by viewing all the available timeslots. The best part of it all? The app electronically sends all your information to the doctor’s office, so you don’t have to manually fill out anything.
  2. Yelp
    • The best app to use in America, in any state, to find places to eat by cuisine.
    • It’s the first thing I do when I’m sitting at a new restaurant – swiping through pics on Yelp to help me pick what to eat from the menu!
  3. Weight Loss Running by Verb
    • Hate running, but want some cardio that involves running outdoors or on a treadmill inside your gym? Recommended by a friend of a friend, this app is awesome – it’s like a personal HIIT coach for beginners who want to lose weight via interval workouts.
  4. SteakMate
    • An Australian-made app that I used since living in Sydney to cook the perfect steak.
    • It’ll ask what cut of the steak you are using, how thick it is, and how rare/well-done you want your steak. The experience is awesome because the timer allows you to pause if you need to.
    • Definitely check this app out if you want to upgrade your steak game.
  5. ClassPass
    • I cannot recommend this enough. It’s the best fitness membership for those who always need to try something new and have a really challenging schedule due to work/school.
    • My favorite kinds of classes are CorePower Yoga, Barre, and Boot Camp.
  6. Journey
    • I’ve done a fair amount of research on which journal app I should use and which one works for me. I’m always on the go and have multiple devices. With Journey.Cloud, I can add a journal entry on my phone, iPad Mini, work laptop, home PC and home laptop!


  1. Starbucks
    • Need I say more? This is my #1 daily app because I drink from Starbucks every single day. I’ll always order on the mobile app when I’m driving to work. Even if I am visiting in-store to pay, I’ll use my mobile app to pay, so it’s synced with my loyalty card and I can stack up points towards my next reward (free drink).
  2. Mint
    • I strongly dislike anything to do with organizing my personal finances. So this app takes care of everything. It tells me in one snapshot my monthly credit score and how much I spend per category: Food, Drinks, Home, Rent, etc. In this way, I can assess and see how much I need to cut down on…. for example, Starbucks >.<
  3. Venmo
    • The best way in the USA to send money to friends and family.
    • Also, small businesses use Venmo too! Like when you are going to a concert and they have those buggy/carriage bike rides outside the venue so you can get to your car or downtown easier.
  4. Amex
    • I use the AMEX app to pay my credit card, and for AMEX to notify me via push notifications for any transactions.
  5. Chase
    • I bank with Chase with my personal and business funds – and their app is on point. Super user-friendly and you can take pics of your checks to deposit rather than going to the bank. I’ve never had to go to the Chase bank more than once, and that was just to open the account. 🙂
  6. Amazon Shopping
    • Who doesn’t have this on their phone?
    • Whenever I am out of something or want to browse something, I always open my Amazon app to shop.
  7. Whole Foods Market
    • The only reason why I have this app downloaded is that since Amazon married Whole Foods Market, I can save more at Whole Foods when I scan my membership via their QR code at checkout.
  8. Favor
    • For those lazy days, I always use Favor for food deliveries.
  9. Sephora
    1. Need I say more? <3 This one is self-explanatory, for sure. 🙂


These mobile apps below are all the apps I use to connect with friends, family, and the gaming community.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Discord
  4. Snapchat
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Twitter
  7. KakaoTalk
  8. Linkedin
  9. BeautyPlus (Filter)
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