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As I am learning more about how to become environmentally friendly and to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, I’ve stumbled upon the idea of using reusable plastic moving boxes instead of cardboard boxes. I’ve always used cardboard boxes, thinking it was obvious that boxes are what you use to move, but as I learned the past couple of years more about consumer waste – I’ve been applying ways on how to be better to the planet. 

With our latest move, it’s been the most intense move I’ve ever done. The reason being is that even though my boyfriend and I have been living together for a year now, that apartment was chosen by me because of a leakage situation in a 1-bedroom apartment, which the leasing office allowed me to move to another apartment next door on a special rate to compensate. His lease was almost up as well, so we decided to move in with each other. I moved in my stuff first, and then he moved in his stuff. So, although we lived together, the moving process was spread out on different days of the month. 

This latest move to our 2-bedroom/2.5 bathroom apartment was intense because we didn’t realize how much stuff we had combined. It took us 2 weeks prior to move-in day to pack and clean, 1 full day to move, and 2 days to unpack.

As I have done in the past, before the move I would search where to find cardboard boxes, and try to find the cheapest bunch or free boxes via Craigslist or neighborhood apps. But this time, I wanted to use reusable plastic moving boxes to pack the majority of our heavy items.

From past experiences, putting heavy items in cardboard boxes never worked out so well. Sometimes they even broke mid-move. Also, it always felt like I couldn’t put much in cardboard boxes, so there just ended up to be a bunch of boxes that extended the move time. It ended up to be more labor-intensive too. 

I started to look for reusable plastic moving boxes and tried to find out which local options I had (this will vary state to state, so Google “reusable plastic moving boxes <insert city name>”) and came across U-Haul’s Ready-To-Go Boxes and Bronko Boxes. I ended up choosing Bronko Boxes because they deliver and pick up the boxes for free and so I didn’t need to spend time going to U-Haul and picking it up. In addition, their rates were a lot better than U-Haul’s. 

Bronko Boxes’ Rates as of July 29, 2019

Will Bronko Boxes Save Me Time, Money, and Sanity?

Bronko Box
Bronko Boxes – 16 large, 1 extra large

I love how real they are on their website and think it has great information, straight to the point, to share if you are considering from cardboard boxes to plastic boxes. Their FAQ below will let you compare to your local rental companies. Also, I’m a huge fan of supporting the local community, so if it checks all boxes of my needs, I would rather pick a small business than a large business like U-Haul.  

  • Our Delivery and Pick Up service means that you don’t have to waste any of your time driving around, digging through dumpsters or stalking your local grocery store to find boxes.
  • Bronko Boxes come FULLY ASSEMBLED and ready to go – gone are the days of building, taping, breaking down and bundling those old school cardboard boxes. Just stack them back up when you’re done and we’ll come get ’em.
  • One-week rental of Bronko Boxes costs over 50% LESS than the price of buying standard cardboard boxes.
  • You don’t need a BILLION boxes. Bronko Boxes hold a LOT more than a plain ol’ cardboard box and are heavy-duty enough to ensure your good stuff is protected.
  • Your movers will LOVE you. Bronko Boxes have handles and are built to stack nicely one on top of the other, meaning that your movers can work more efficiently AND you will have more room available in the back of the moving truck – beat that.

How Was the Experience During the Move?

Left side is Bronko Boxes. This is when we were prepping to move all of our stuff to the garage for the movers the day before move-in.

Because we chose the “Studio Move” ready-to-go solution via Bronko Box, which includes 16 large Bronko boxes, 1 extra-large Bronko box, and 1 moving wheels – it allowed us to pack really heavy items like kitchenware and bathroom goods and roll them around our apartment with the set of moving wheels. Our movers ended up not using the moving wheels because they had their own trolleys, but it was so easy for them to scoop up all the boxes and roll it straight into their truck. Honestly, I wish we paid for the 1 Bedroom Move solution (24 instead of 16 boxes), in this way, I think the move would have been slightly quicker.

Will I Use Reusable Boxes Again?

Bronko Box picked up their boxes the next day

Absolutely. These boxes just aren’t made out of plastic, they are commercial-strength, plastic-moving boxes to you assembled and ready. Honestly, I wish I knew about this sooner as I regret being part of the majority who uses cardboard boxes all the time which piles up on our landfills. By using reusable plastic moving boxes, I’m contributing by keeping our landfills from being overwhelmed by cardboard boxes. Small little changes like this in our everyday lifestyles can help us all adopt a greener, more sustainable approach to life that doesn’t have to feel extremely overwhelming and difficult. 

Life is a journey and you’ll be changing different apartments for different reasons! Have a look at the rest of my Apartment Hunting Tips collection of articles that will help you narrow down your search even more! 

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