It took me a long time to figure out why I should buy flowers when living alone with no pets. When I first signed a 1-bedroom apartment in Texas, I was creeped out by the silence in the apartment. There was no movement whatsoever except for myself. And now this is the story of how I have come to recommend for those who are living alone with no pets that you should buy yourself flowers on a bi-weekly basis.

Mixed Bouquet from Traders Joe
Mixed Bouquet from Traders Joe

I haven’t lived by myself in over nine years, so this was tough for me. It was a new chapter I needed to turn the page, knowing that I would have to feel things I have never felt before. During this time of solitude, I knew I’d be facing initial loneliness, the itch for self-discovery, and alone time to start investing time for myself. But the initial hump of loneliness was tough for me. I have always been surrounded by people and so little noises here, and there was comforting. Until when I moved into an apartment all by myself and laid out on my bed in the dark, I remember feeling frightened that if I do hear a noise, it wasn’t me. Then what was it? And how should I react?

Some color in the house xo

If not at night, during the day, I felt pleased that I had my own time to myself, but since the kitchen was the heart of that apartment’s floor plan, I felt like I should be making a lot of food – but I ended up buying too much groceries and couldn’t keep up with the cooking, working overtime, and socializing outside. I ended up wasting a lot of food.

Cee in Seattle, WA
Cee in Seattle for a wedding (hehe… I caught the bouquet!)

I knew the theory of solitude and the positive outcomes of it. That it will help me to get to know myself, that alone time could help improve my relationships as I’d be able to develop more compassion for other people when I set aside time for solitude. Most importantly, it would improve my psychological well-being and boost creativity and productivity. Studies have consistently shown people perform better when they have privacy. All in all, being alone would mean I’ve been given an opportunity to be rightfully selfish about me, myself, and I. How I plan my time, reflect on my goals, dreams, and aspirations, and taking some time aside to think about whether I’m living life according to my values and whether I might want to make some changes. 

So what I did to ensure I mentally could brace the opportunities from living alone was to overcome the idea that I was the only living and breathing thing within my 1-bedroom apartment. It sounds simple, but it changed the way how I lived in my own space. And how I overcame it was from buying fresh flowers at Trader Joes every week.

Flowers & homemade grilled burgers

I felt so much joy even to pick different bouquets from Trader Joes. The vibrant colors of each flower made me feel so warm and confident. I would take a few mixed bouquets to arrange them into one bouquet. I was lucky enough to live next to Trader Joes, and they provide really affordable flower options in comparison to Whole Foods – that’s how I was able to keep this routine within budget. 

If you are living alone with no pets, I would love to hear in the comments below what your solutions are to help live life comfortably and alone in your own home. I hope my story has inspired you if you are in a similar situation. 

Cee Ng

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