Sometimes the best things in life are free, and right in front of you. My boyfriend and I have different work schedules. With a million things happening in our lives, the best tool we have found to help communicate both of our needs is the Google Shopping List. You can add as many people you’d like to help contribute to the shopping list. The best part of it is if you have a Google Home (like us), you can use the voice assistant to add whatever you want onto the list, wherever you are in your home, or while you are driving your car, or well… anywhere really, because you can have it on your phone too! Wherever I am, all I have to say is, “Hey Google, add brown sugar to my shopping list.” 

Also, I tend to research and plan all my recipes on my desktop computer, so having the shopping list app available on a web browser is a big deal for me. I can look at recipes on one monitor, and add all the ingredients I need on my second monitor. This allows me to double-check if I have duplicated an ingredient for multiple recipes, or if I need to detail out that I need 2 onions rather than 1.

I love how in the past couple of years, they have upgraded this grocery shopping list app to include a database of common ingredients with a picture. It’s helpful when your partner (or vice versa) might not know what something looks like! 

1. Google Home Grocery Shopping List App

Google Home Grocery Shopping List App
Google Home Grocery Shopping List App

The simplicity, accessibility, and ease of use have won us over. 

I’ve tried other apps too that are grocery shopping specific, or task apps that added a shopping list feature. But it didn’t work for us because we couldn’t add things to the list via voice assistant. Technology is a beautiful thing. It helps us be more efficient in different aspects of life, which helps us find time for ourselves. 

2. Amazon Alexa Grocery Shopping List App

Amazon Alexa Grocery Shopping List App
Amazon Alexa Grocery Shopping List App

If you have an Amazon Alexa home, they also have a shopping list app too! They’ve also synced it with their latest Whole Foods partnership so you can ask things like “Alexa, add eggs to my Whole Foods cart” or “Alexa, what are my Whole Foods deals.” For other grocery lines from Amazon such as Amazon Fresh and Prime Now, you can add your grocery lists to other grocery carts. 

Because my boyfriend and I are Google Home users and also we rarely shop at Whole Foods because we prefer the local grocery store and H Mart, we are pleased with using the Google Shopping List. Which apps do you use to keep track of the grocery list when in a relationship or living with roommates? 

Cee Ng

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