Stop searching now. This is the perfect cat tree condo. I’ve researched for 3 months and several hours of going back and forth, digging numerously reviews (especially photo reviews), and I couldn’t be happier to find the perfect cat tree that is aesthetically pleasing and functions perfectly well for our two cats. 

We found the perfect cat tree, thank goodness!

The cat tree condo is called “Frisco 72-in Cat Tree, Large Base, Cream”. Get it here at Chewy. It’s only available through Chewy and not Amazon. I looked everywhere on Amazon for this cat tree, but it just simply doesn’t exist! It’s okay though, you get free shipping anyways for this product. And it comes pretty quick!

Go to Chewy’s website to get it –>

Here are all the reasons why this cat tree is amazing, and I am so happy I have found “the one.” Yes, I take this very seriously because Mr. Peaches and Kit Kats aren’t just temporary residents. They are our loves, our roommates, and their home is very much theirs as it is ours. 

The carpet is modern and not leftover scraps from the 80s or 90s.

Mr. Peaches

It’s fantastic. The “carpet” isn’t very thick like a lot of other cat trees. I wanted to find carpet that wasn’t thicker than my carpet on the floor. Also, extreme height on the carpet will garner too much dust and cat hair that might not be the best for our little kitties’ nostrils and respiratory system.  

The only “fluffy” carpet areas are on the sides of the cat tree, to give a different texture. As for the large box where you see Kit Kat sitting on and on all the flat surfaces, it’s a thin layer of the carpet. 

This cat tree has three perches at the highest area of the condo!

Even though we only have two cats and not three, it was essential to find a cat condo with three perches. Why? Because from a territorial standpoint, we wanted the cats to have options at the top of the cat tree. There are a lot of other cat trees that have perches throughout the ‘bark’ of the cat tree. And honestly, for our cats, that just won’t do. They feel really insecure. For example, Kit Kat always gets bullied by Mr. Peaches. So, if she can’t see him, especially if he is above her, she won’t even dare to position herself as it might be potentially dangerous for her. 

So who sits where? Mr. Peaches usually can be found on top of this tree. When he is hanging out in a different room, say the office room, Kit Kat goes on top of the tree. Sometimes if Mr. Peaches was sitting on top of the tree and Kit Kat decides to pop on about 20-30 minutes after he has left, she would sit on the 2nd highest perch and nap about.

Yeah I know, go figure, right??  

It’s 72 inches tall. Looks majestic and fills an area of the living room.

Day after we moved in and were unpacking!

It’s pretty tall, so make sure you have enough ceiling space! Definitely measure the height of your ceiling before purchasing. I didn’t want to have a short cat tree or even one that touches the ceiling. If it were to touch the ceiling, I felt that it would be safe for the cats as they “jump up” they could hit their little heads. In addition, spiders. That’s all I am going to say about that and leave it to that.

The reason why I didn’t want a shorter one, is because our previous one was around 62 inches and it felt like something was missing on the wall behind it. With the 72-inch cat tree, it gracefully takes a section of the living room. 

Found the right modern ‘white’ and ‘creamy’ color.

The perfect color for the carpet and scratching poles! Look how it compliments my couch too! Yay! 🙂

Alright, this might sound really picky, but that was a HUGE factor for me. I think I looked at hundreds of photo reviews of various cat trees to make sure that I found the one. So the look that I have in my furniture collection is definitely the Potterybarn and West Elm vibe. Comfortable but chic. I like white upholstery with a mid-century brown hue to complement a more zen look. Because this cat tree is super tall, any colors that are bold other than white/cream would be too bold. So any colors like a dark brown or blue would be out of the question. 

Also, I did not want the “cat scratcher” poles to be a different tone to the carpet. I think it’s too distracting with the bold accents, especially as the cat tree is a centerpiece of the living room.

Here is the nitpicky part. Like if you are picking a color to paint on your walls, there are so many shades, right? Here are the ones I knew were not my taste at all.

I said NO to corporate white:

I said NO to yellowish creamy and ‘suede’ like fibers that give that dated glistening look:

I said NO to overtly creamy white close to a hint of tan:

And absolutely NO to dark brown:

The right extras that our cats actually use.

With hundreds of cat tree options, there are a lot of extras that our cats just wouldn’t use, and it would be more of a “decoration.” The only extras we needed were the hanging mice. To us, the most critical elements of the cat tree are the three perches for napping and the 10 scratching posts that come with it. 

Mr. Peaches

Extras we don’t need are the “hanging rope,” “hammock,” and open “tunnels.” 

Hope this has helped you narrow down on what you’re looking for in a cat tree! Thanks for stopping by!


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