As a couple living as two in an apartment or a house, there isn’t a need to go bulk shopping like when you were growing up if you had siblings. Also, if consciously trying to make sure you’re not wasting anything and eating more fresh produce rather than pantry items, it’s hard to buy in bulk when working on healthy lifestyle changes. 

Over two years now, we have realized after living alone separately and now together, what makes sense to buy in bulk, without overdoing it. Especially when you are moving from one apartment to another, you don’t want to pay extra money to move leftover stored goods. But obviously, if you are living in a house rather than an apartment, it’s a different story.

This guide is to help couples who live an apartment lifestyle without extra storage attached to their apartments, who are trying to budget by reducing costs on household items that can help save money over time by buying bulk. 

As everyone’s household and lifestyle vary, here are some questions to ask yourself if there are some items that you should consider buying in bulk. For us, it is mainly in things that don’t expire. So, we don’t buy food in bulk. But we do buy cleaning supplies or personal care. 

Have I been buying X once or twice every month?

Do I love X so much which a specific fragrance that I buy it every time it runs out?

Are there times where I have caught myself looking at the price per unit for X in the store?

Bulk shopping doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a membership card at Costco or Sam’s Club. Even in grocery stores or online, brands provide a larger refill package that is available to buy.

💰What you should buy in bulk 💰

For the bathrooms 🚽

1. Hand Soap

We’ve switched over about a year ago! Love the honeysuckle scent the most.

Who doesn’t use hand soap every day? Buy a single-use container or buy in bulk by the quantity and save at a lower price per unit. Or, save even more by buying the refill packs.

2. Body Wash

And also, who doesn’t shower here and there? Depending on if you are or aren’t using a mainstream branded body wash, there’s a lot of opportunities to buy in bulk. Buy a single-use container or buy in bulk by the quantity and save at a lower price per unit. Or, save even more by buying the refill packs.

For Dove products, you are looking at paying $0.48 per ounce for their smallest bottle. And their larger size bottles with a pump is sold at around $0.24 to $0.26 per ounce.

From a storage standpoint, a little body wash goes a long way. But if you aren’t living alone and sharing body wash with another person, such as your significant other, a larger bottle will be more beneficial when budgeting together.

3. Shampoo & Conditioner

3. Deodorant

Image result for deodorant costco dove

4. Tampons & Pads

Image result for tampax radiant shelf

5. Body Lotion

6. Toilet Paper

Easy to put away, and you don’t want to run out of it EVER. 

7. Toothpaste

8. Kleenex Facial Tissue

Image result for kleenex costco

9. Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

10. Toilet Bowl Liquid Cleaner

For the kitchen🍳

11. Dishwasher Liquid Soap

12. Dishwasher Pods

13. Trash Bags

14. Paper Towels

For the laundry room 👕

15. Laundry Detergent Pods

16. Laundry Fabric Softener

17. Bleach

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