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No, this isn’t an ad. I’m a casual traveler and I wanted to share my experience with you all. When I was in college, I was all about the cheap flights and multiple connection flights due to having more time as a student. But now, it’s different. I have to work every Monday to Friday, and on weekends I might have to work overtime and I definitely have chores and self-care to do. So, when taking a mini weekend getaway for self-care or to see friends and family, whether that’s just to hang, attending a wedding, or seeing loved ones during a holiday – time is of an essence and I rather spend a little more money for a direct flight, to compensate for my time. 

But, a direct flight at a fair price isn’t all it takes for me to feel most comfortable on my trip. No, I’m not talking about upgrades to first-class. I’m talking about the level of comfort and ability to not feel pressured monetarily to enjoy my time on the plane. And so now this is where I am going to use Delta as an example for this article.

1) Mobile App Notifications Done Correctly

I want to spend as much time as possible outside of the gate, but want to know when the gate is actually boarding. They’ve tinkered with the technology over time, and I feel that Delta has finally gotten closer to sending accurate notifications to my phone. 

The push notifications include:

  • Flight is on time or delayed
  • Aircraft has arrived and prep myself to finish up whatever I am doing, and get ready to board.
  • Now boarding at gate message

2) In-Built Display Screen – Entertainment & Flight Info

Unlike Southwest and Frontier who do not have an in-built screen to save money, Delta has a display screen that has an updated user interface that includes all the new releases for movies and TV shows as well as a nicely displayed section to view flight information and food/drink options. Delta’s screen includes a USB port to charge your phone, wireless headset, game, etc. 

And if you have your own laptop, you can use your battery charger to plug in the cord to an outlet they have for every seat, even in economy.

3) Complimentary Drinks & Snacks – Large range

I like how Delta keeps up with the times and expands their complimentary drink section to include new or mainstream partnership drink deals like LaCroix and Starbucks. With our generation being more aware of the impact of soda, it helps to have alternative options. 

4) Economy comfy seats and legroom

As a 5’1″ gal, I shouldn’t need to complain about my seating arrangement in economy, but there are some airlines that just feel uncomfortable AF. I love how I feel part of the cushioned seats and I have enough leg room near my feet to have my bag wedged in the gap, with some room for my feet to stretch out a bit. Some airlines say that they have more room, but if the seat sucks, it’s not a really good experience overall. 

5) Modern look & feel of the interior cabin

Delta has done a good job of upgrading its planes over time to keep it modern, fresh and attractive. The seatbelt signs where each row can adjust their airflow, light and view the WIFI and seatbelt notices are modernized.

6) Diverse reflection of actual passengers with a refresh of into safety videos

I love their advertising agency and marketing team who in the past couple of years have really been at the forefront of diversity and inclusion in their work. A lot of teams in my industry are either early adopters, like Delta, or late adopters. Late adopters will include a minority to “check off the box” which is the most disgusting thing ever (to me) but is, unfortunately, the reality of where our brands are that’s tied with how our country is too. With Delta pushing ahead, in the last 8 quarters I have seen a new intro safety video that includes different backgrounds, physical appearances, and celebrates the cross-cultures where Delta flys in and out of. It warms my heart so much because it’s not forced, the creative team have led their marketing partners to show a true reflection of today’s passengers – and that is what builds up Delta’s credibility in trust and reliance on how they feel and accept their customers on just the level of humanity. Ugh, it’s so great. Thank you.

7) Mobile App Baggage Tracker & 20 minutes guaranteed

Yet again, their team working on their mobile app should get a raise because the customer experience has been nothing but awesome. I love how I get a notification when my bag is being offloaded AND when it is has arrived. It’s just so smart and accurate. It helps with my journey as my journey doesn’t end right after I get off the plane, I need to take an Uber, or get picked up my friends/family — knowing my time and if I need to make any arrangements because of a situation, is very helpful to know in advance. 

Cee Ng

Hello, I’m Cee! I’m a lifestyle blogger during my downtime and a consultant and producer during the day. This blog is to share experiences in travel, work, beauty, relationships, cooking, shopping and lifestyle tips that I hope can inspire you to live the best version of yourself in whichever stage you are in life and have fun with no regrets!