So you want to compost on a weekly basis but living in an apartment? All I need is an OXO compost bin and compost-friendly bags. The bin is small, and I put it on a shelf in my freezer (the biggest goal living in an apartment is not to have as much frozen stuff, so you have room for this). You’ll learn each week how much food you’re actually wasting. So the first couple of weeks you might accrue quite a few bags and then over time, you’ll learn to lessen it. Find your local farmers market and check to make sure they have a compost bin collector.

Q&A Timestamps in the Video:

1:11 Why do I compost?
1:36 How do I make composting work in an apartment?
2:26 Do you have to put the compost in the freezer?

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Let’s all try to reduce our footprint and you’ll realize how much food scraps we could be putting back into the earth instead of a landfill! 🌍

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