Top 5 kitchen appliances

Living alone taught me a lot. Living together with someone also taught me a lot. But most importantly, living in different size spaces ranging from a studio, one-bedroom, to a two-bedroom allowed me to learn a great deal of what was a necessity versus a desired item “just because.” Here are the top 5 kitchen appliances that will work for you in the long-term. I like to be pretty realistic with the following below so I won’t end up buying something I need to buy again and again (which will be even more costly in the long-run).

1) How it will be used on a daily and weekly basis

2) Is it worth the money

3) Ensure to not buying something super cheap, check the quality

The kitchen appliances brands I trust are usually Breville or Kitchen Aid as my “gold standard.” Why? Because their appliances last me for years and have a very minimal risk of being faulty.

1. Compact Oven/Toaster

Top 5 kitchen appliances
Breville Website

A small oven is such an amazing little thing that is great for so many reasons. When you are living alone, or with a partner, there are many food items you just don’t need to heat up an entire oven for a meal as it uses 1/2 or 1/3 the amount of energy of a conventional electric oven when cooking small meals. 

It serves as a multi-purpose appliance where you can toast bread and crumpets in addition to typical meals for an oven. What I love most about this compact oven is that it is a fantastic alternative to using a microwave. Microwaves deplete the nutrients found in food, and it replaces the healthy compounds of the dish wish radioactive ones, which could lead to cancer-related issues down the road (hence why the Kardashians don’t even have microwaves in their households). 

I suggest Breville’s the Compact Smart Oven®:

2. Electric Kettle

Top 5 kitchen appliances
Breville Website

Buying an electric kettle seems to be pretty easy and affordable, but you want to find one that is BPA free, doesn’t take as long to boil, less residue, and breakage over time. In our household, we drink tea daily, so we must have something that works for us for years, rather than months. 

I suggest Breville’s the IQ Kettle™ Pure kettle:

3. Rice Cooker

Top 5 kitchen appliances
Best Korean Rice Cooker Available in USA

Buying the right rice cooker is extremely important, especially if you will be cooking a lot of Asian cuisine in your kitchen. Having the right consistency is ever-so-important. If you need a second opinion YouTuber and Entrepreneur, Jenn Im, was talking about in her recent vlog here as to why this Korean rice cooker is an amazing kitchen appliance rather than the overrated Zojirushi. 

Not only is the consistency of the rice is essential, but able to have that function “keep warm” for an extended period (hours), it is crucial for folks who are busy AF. 

Korean rice cookers are pretty different from standard rice cookers because they are advanced in technology. It has a touch display for you to choose which kind of grain you are about to cook, and it sings to you when the rice is almost complete.

I suggest the Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker. I’ve had this rice cooker since May 13, 2018, and I won’t ever turn back:  

4. Immersion Blenders

Top 5 kitchen appliances

Immersion Blenders are fantastic additions to your kitchen appliance collection when you are making vegan soups such as Butternut Squash Soup and Tomato Soup. You can blend the soup right within the Slow Cooker or the pot that is on the stove. It’s super convenient and time-saving. Also, you can grab other parts such as a whisk or chopping blade to save you more space and time in the kitchen.   

The immersion blender alone costs $99.95, and the “All in One” where it includes all the additional parts is $129.95. If you are adding this to your wedding registry, or moving into an apartment for the first time and have some saved up some cash to splurge, I would recommend getting the latter option. 

Immersion Blenders can also act as mini food processors. Why get both when you can do similar things in one? 

I suggest Breville’s the All in One™ immersion blender:

5. Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

A Crock-Pot Slow Cooker and an Instant Pot to me is like PC vs Mac. Take your pick! If you live alone or with a partner, I would suggest getting a 4-quart slow cooker. However, if you are going to make 1 meal for the whole entire week, I would get an 8-quart slow cooker.

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