Via 313 is a taste of home for me as I was born and raised in Michigan, but not a resident of three years in Austin, Texas. Its been an overwhelmingly pleasant experience when sometimes homesick or nostalgic of childhood days, even to be able to find Detroit-style pizza in the most Southern located state of the USA! 

What Detroit-style pizza means to me is square cut, doughy but light and airy crust in the inside but crispy on the outside, lots of marinade and cheese, and a ton of pepperoni. 

Via 313 - Austin Texas
Via 313 – The Original Pepperoni

There is definitely a specific tang in the marinade of Detroit-style pizza that makes you wanting more. There are so many different versions of this that you can get from Detroit-style pizzas, whether its a bit more sweet, salty, or even a bit spicier. I love it when the marinade has an abundant amount of infused herbs that has been well baked in for an extended period of time because it just adds that much more to making a Detroit-style pizza so great. 

What’s the Classic Order at Via 313?

Cheese Bread & Vernors

The most classic order one can get at Via 313 is The Original Pepperoni (smoked pepperoni under the cheese), Cheese Bread (with extra pizza sauce on the side for dipping), and a Vernors Ginger Ale (a Detroit classic pop/soda since 1866).

Via 313 - Austin Texas
Via 313 – The Original Pepperoni

If this is your first time, I’d definitely recommend ordering this at the most basic level and another pizza if you are dining with two more people. Make sure you like the classic Detroit-style pizza before going cray-cray on the rest of their menu!

How Bad is the Wait Time?

On a busy Friday or Saturday night, your wait time can be pretty long at their sit-in restaurants. When I mean long, I mean like a good 30 minutes. They do have a good waitlist system where they will text you when your spot is available, though. If you desperately are craving for Via 313 pizza on a busy evening night, I would definitely recommend you to grab it to go. You’ll be in and out in no time.

For all other days, it’s pretty easy to get a table, though it’s pretty packed because of how good Detroit-style pizza is, and Austin folks agree! They opened up a new location in central Austin, which has more seating, too. 

Via 313 - Austin Texas
Via 313 To-Go

If you are looking to grab a to-go box from their downtown food truck shops, be sure to check their hours before walking over there. Some of them don’t open until later in the day. 

What is the Cheaper Alternative to Via 313 in ATX?

My favorite question that I would want to know immediately if moving to Austin, Texas is what is the alternative and cheaper version of Via 313? Guess what, Michiganders! Jet’s Pizza does exist down here in Austin! There is only one running shop opened pretty south of Austin (9001 Brodie Ln

In Michigan, the go-to local pizza shop is Jet’s Pizza. So to have both Via 313 and Jet’s Pizza in Austin, Texas is truly a blessing for everyone! The more Detroit-style pizza, the better! 

Suite A2), but they are working on opening a new Jet’s Pizza (3003 S Lamar Blvd) on South Lamar and Barton Skyway! It’ll be right across from Wholly Cow Burgers! How exciting!!

VIA 313 Locations – Sit Down Restaurants

Via 313 - Austin Texas
Via 313 – The Original Pepperoni

Oak Hill (South Austin)
6705 Hwy 290 No. 503

Sun-Thu: 11a-10p
Fri-Sat: 11a-11p

North Campus (Central Austin)
3016 Guadalupe, Suite 100

Sun-Thu: 11a-10p
Fri-Sat: 11a-11p

East Side (East Austin)
1802 East 6th Street

Mon-Thu: 11a – 10p
Fri-Sat: 11a-12a
Sun: 11a-11p

VIA 313 Locations – Food Trucks

Via 313 - Austin Texas
Via 313 – The Original Pepperoni & Cheese Bread

West 6th (Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden)
700 West 6th St

Mon-Wed: 5p-12a
Thu-Fri: 5p-1:30a
Sat: 12pm-1:30am
Sun: 12p-12a

Rainey Street (Craft Pride)
61 Rainey St
Mon-Wed: 4p-12a
Thu-Fri: 4p-1a
Sat: 12p-1a
Sun: 12p-10p

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