Through my own trial and error with the external mic Rode VideoMicro and Sony a7III, I was wondering what was wrong with my audio sound even though I have one of the best cameras and microphones on the market. Yes, it’s been quite some time since I’ve done my initial research before buying these items and actually using them again thus sometimes my mind gets a little bit sloppy when picking up these things full-time again!

These are the common questions that might come up throughout your Google search:

  • Why do I hear this annoying humming sound in the background and it’s picking it up even though I am using the Rode VideoMicro microphone?
  • How to remove the humming sound within the editing software but DeNoise effect just makes me sound like a robot and not natural at all?
  • What are Rode VideoMicro settings when there aren’t any settings on the microphone itself? 

Solution on How to Fix External Mic Rode VideoMicro with Sony a7III:

Check to see where your Rode VideoMicro is plugged in. It’s probably plugged into your headphone jack next to the HDMI, which is the jack intended for an audio monitor using headphones. The jack you should be plugging your Rode VideoMicro has a mic symbol next to it and it is behind the next panel door to the left of the mic jack, and under the strap loop.

How to Fix External Mic Rode VideoMicro with Sony a7III

That’s it! I hope this is helpful so you can get on with your day making beautiful content!


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