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Which Standing Desk I Bought For My 5’1” Height – WFH, Gamer, Creator, Office Worker

March 5, 2020

Being 5’1” (154.94cm) tall is challenging for my lower back and spine when working in the office, playing a PC game, or working from home. The decision of a standing desk that has led me to have a more ergonomic-friendly desk setup was all thanks to educating myself more and more about why I was […]

Being 5’1” (154.94cm) tall is challenging for my lower back and spine when working in the office, playing a PC game, or working from home. The decision of a standing desk that has led me to have a more ergonomic-friendly desk setup was all thanks to educating myself more and more about why I was in physical pain. I didn’t know that my arms were raised way too high to type on a keyboard, and that has contributed to my upper and lower neck pain from muscle ache. In addition to my neck and shoulder aches, my lower back was suffering heavily. 

Sitting is the new smoking.

– Dr. Levine

As a millennial, I’ve always been on the computer in some way or form: desktop or laptop. I think I can safely say that since a young kid, I’ve been on the computer for about 70-80% of my day. 

Cee's Fully x Ikea Standing Desk
Cee’s Fully x Ikea Standing Desk

I’ve done my fair research on standing desks for over a year now, and in February 2020, I have finally bit the bullet and invested in a standing desk. But damn, it took me forever to get to this point in my consumer purchase journey because I was really tossing between these three brands: Ergonofis, Fully, and Uplift.

Just so you know a little about my background that will help guide you as to what specific features I was looking for in a standing desk, that might help you too if you are in the same boat:

My Age:
29, going onto 30 this year!

My Height: 

I am 5’1” AKA short. I can barely touch the floor when I am sitting in any chair and I do own a footrest so my calves/feet don’t fall asleep multiple times a day.

Health Issues:
I’ve been religiously going to receive a therapeutic massage on a monthly basis to relieve all my knots in my neck and shoulder. Over time, my pain has been increased and targeted in my lower back.

Also, because I am always at the computer, except for when I am sleeping, my weight is almost at the edge of being overweight. 

My Budget:

Willing to spend the bucks so I don’t have to pay it later by going to get massages, personalized treatments at the chiropractor, neck spasm treatment in urgent care where they inject steroids into your butt (not fun).

But after relooking at my budget, I can really only afford a desk under $1000, rather than $2000. Preferably around the $500 mark would be nice.

A high-quality desk that doesn’t wobble when my cats jump on the desk or if over time there are scratches that I will have to sort out in the future and the value diminishes. I just don’t want to replace a newly purchased item every few years. I want it to be something that gives me joy. 

Interior Design:

My furniture and interior decor are made up of white, creamy white, mid-century walnut, and small green plants. 

Time on the computer:
I’m on almost all day, and my lower back and neck are paying the price for it. I use the computer for all creator work, production work, gaming, and watching shows. 

Shortlist: Standing Desk Companies

After a long search through reviews and pictures, the three brands I ended up debating over are Ergonofis, Fully, and Uplift. It was a tough choice because what I ended up with wasn’t my very first choice. 

Standing Desk Rank #1: Ergonofis

Sway walnut sit-stand desk - ergonofis

Amazing quality
Con: Expensive, made in Canada 

My first choice was Ergnofis, an eco-friendly Canadian brand. What I absolutely love about this brand is their beautiful, unique handmade desk top made of solid, local walnut wood.

Also, what makes them stand apart from the rest of the brands is that their program key adjustment is within the desk design, not dangling on the side. It makes the aesthetics so cohesive of a desk.

There are two reviews that just made me look at this desk for months that made me go “damn, this is exactly the desk I want.” I specifically have been eyeing out the “Sway Desk” in 30″ x 60″ in walnut and white frame.

1. Matthew Encina “Perfect Productive Workspace – Minimal Office + Desk Tour”

Even though Matthew received his desk as a promotion from Ergonofis, to me, it felt like a win-win situation because how Matthew filmed the desk and his space is exceptional and gave potential buyers like myself all the information I needed for me to help with my decision. 

2. Jess Megan, Digital Creator @jessmegan

Jess is an influencer, based in Montreal where Ergonofis headquarters are, and she’s big on lifestyle and travel. Her Instagram account is all in French, but that didn’t stop me from understanding the pictures and videos she showed of her new Ergonofis desk.

Plus, her taste in interior decor is very similar to mine (rather than Matthew’s), so it helped me to truly envision the walnut desk actually in my apartment. 

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Ces derniers mois ont été significatifs de grands changements pour moi. Autant sur le mental que sur le physique, qu’au niveau personnel et professionnel. Je l’ai peut-être laissé transparaître ici une fois ou deux, mais les remises en question se sont fait nombreuses dans la dernière année. Entre essayer de planifier un mariage, le déménagement dans la nouvelle maison (et rêver de commencer la chambre de notre mini), le 9@5 en ville, la grossesse et mon petit “hobby” de partager ici, ça été assez mouvementé dans ma p’tite tête. C’est pas toujours facile de vouloir être partout en même temps et toujours tout faire. Surtout pas avec des nausées🙃. Alors c’est ça. Dans une semaine pile et pour les prochains quelques mois, je passerai beaucoup plus de temps ici à travailler sur des projets qui me plaisent déjà beaucoup. Ça me rend heureuse juste à y penser et ça me cause de grands vertiges par moments.✨ ________ 2020, une grande vague de changements. Mais je suis prête. 🕊

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Standing Desk Rank #2: Fully

Pro: Affordable, made in the USA
Con: Semi-expensive 

Fully Jarvis Walnut Laminate Standing Desk with black frame and Tic Toc stool

I ended up getting the Jarvis frame-only from Fully in white and used the Ikea kitchen countertop “KARLBY” to create my desk and honestly, it is the best decision after a long time of researching what’s the best move for my wallet and my desires for an amazing workspace.

The white base frame was similar enough to Ergonofis and I have been eyeing the Ikea countertop that many gamers have been using as part of their battle stations.

The best part of purchasing these two separate items is that in the future when I can earn some extra cash, I can always swap out the countertop to any other tabletop. For me, I truly would like real, walnut wood.

I think real wood is absolutely stunning and would look so majestic as part of my interior aesthetic I am going for in my apartment. 

Standing Desk Rank #3: Uplift

Pro: Affordable, made in the USA
Con: Aesthetics

The reason why I even know of this brand in the first place is that my boyfriend (yes, we live together), has an Uplift desk that he originally got in his previous job, and then he was able to take the desk home.

It was honestly one of the reasons that pushed me even more so to even get closer to buying a standing desk because I was able to actually “feel” how low the desk should be as a 5’1”. Sitting on the lowest setting and bringing the table down all the way to 23.5” 

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You’ve seen these headphones on the desk and my head for a few posts now. Today we learn where they came from! @creativelabs sent these surround sound style headphone over and let me tell you they are amazing! I’m still learning all they can do but what I’ve learned so far is they are super loud lol. For more information head over to @creativelabs and keep an eye out in my bio for the link. (Website is still a work in progress) . . . I hope you guys have a happy aloha Friday eve! 🤙🏼✌🏼🦾 . . . . #setup #office #desk #desksetup #standingdesk #workhard #freelancer #setupwars #programmer #editor #lgusa #lg #macsetup #homestudio #creativespaces #create #inspire #workanywhere #instudio #coding #webdesign #headphones @upliftdesk @grovemade

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Cee’s Budget – Standing Desk Setup & Battlestation

Here’s my total spend of getting a standing desk as a creator, gamer, and WFH (work from home/remote) consultant. I’ve also included a monitor arm to give my desk more “space” underneath and raising the monitors so it is eye-level and ergonomically better for my posture.

I am trying to mitigate any possible situation of deteriorating my health due to being on the computer 24/7.

I hope showing you guys my research and my purchasing journey to finally make the switch to a standing desk will help you guys in your decision-making process too.

NameDetailCost with Tax
IkeaKarlby Kitchen Countertop 72 inch$204.59
FullyJarvis Frame – White – Wide – Long Foot – Programmable$458.26
Amazon VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable fits 2 /Two Screens up to 27″ (STAND-V002) $39.26
Total cost with tax$702.11

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