My 5 Favorite K-Pop Female Solo Artist Songs I’m Listening To in May

May 1, 2020

It’s so incredible to see the fantastic investment being put into wonderful, strong women!

5 Favorite May 2020 K-Pop Female Solo Artist New Release

There are my 5 favorite K-pop female solo artist songs I’m listening to in May 2020! It’s May 1st, and I am in awe with the 5 K-pop releases from solo female artists and their excellent and stellar work from Solar, Chung Ha, HA:TFELT, BIBI and KATIE.

All five music videos were freaking incredible in the storyline, visuals, set & lighting, editing, and dance performances. It makes me so happy that there’s been a surge of female solo K-pop artists resurfacing because the past decade has focused mainly on girl groups and boy groups. Back then, I was so happy to see BoA, Hyori, Son Dambi, Ailee, G.NA, Seo In Young, and so on. 

Don’t worry; I’d like also to add that during the past 5 years, we also were graced with the handful of solo female artists who captured our hearts and ears – IU, Hyolyn, Lee Hi, SoYou, Sunmi, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Kahi, Jessi, Hong Jin Young, Heize, Jennie, and Baek A Yeon. 

But OMG, the bar has just risen AGAIN and AGAIN. It’s so incredible to see the fantastic investment being put into these wonderful, strong women who are thriving in the K-pop industry. It warms my heart so much that these ladies have been given trust and faith that if they have the resources they need from their agencies, they will produce amazing work for their fans.

These are the songs you just can’t miss out from these 5 K-pop solo female artists!! I’m listening to them 24/7, they are that goooood! #womensupportingwomen

Solar – Spit It Out

Solar – Spit It Out Official M/V

Fans have been long awaiting for Solar’s solo debut as her other group members of Mamamoo have already debuted with Whee In, Hwa Sa, and Moonbyul. Solar is the oldest in the group (29 years old) and also the group leader too. 

I absolutely LOVE and adore Solar because her personality is so cute and so much fun. She has her own YouTube channel, “Solarshido,” and I love how much energy she brings to the table every single time. Frankly, it’s because she is so extroverted that it feels that when I am watching her, it’s like I got a jolt of caffeine. 

Solar – Spit It Out Dance Performance Video

Her name ‘Solar’ is her stage name, and her real name is “Kim Yong Sun” – so when people call her “sun”, it’s a direct play on words that she is like the “sun” because of her radiant, bright personality. You’ll know what I mean once you watch one of her episodes on her YouTube channel. 

Anyways, I LOVE all her outfits and the dance performance she has put together with her team on this solo debut. The first link below is the original M/V, and the second link is her dance performance that I love. She sings live in all her music shows, too, as she is known for her powerful vocals! 

Chung Ha – Stay Tonight

Ughhh, no words can express how freaking awesome she is. Her body is so flexible that this choreography highlights all her moves. The melody is super catchy and almost feels like there is a slight hint of trot and house or EDM in there! It’s SOOO catchy! 

I am definitely one who will not try to learn this dance choreography because it is hard AF. If you want to see more of Chung Ha, she was featured in Running Man’s latest episode during their 500th episode anniversary.

HA:TFELT – Sweet Sensation, Life Sucks, & Solitude (3 M/Vs)

HA:TFELT – Life Sucks M/V

2020 is YEEUN’s YEAR! I am sooooooo happy she is with Amoeba Culture (agency), and they are funded by investors who truly want artists to feel free to express their creativity. I love how she is also bringing a different sound in South Korea 👍 freaking amazing artist. She has just released a new album “1719” where she confronts her past.

If you are like, who dis? She’s the OG Wonder Girls member who used to be SUCH A HUGE HIT during 2nd generation K-pop girl groups!

Some people may think that this music is dark, but it’s not. It’s just reality. It’s the truth of struggle and the enormous complexity of life situations that happened to her personally that she found a way to process her thoughts and feelings through art and music. 

A lot of Korean artists wouldn’t dare to be direct with their personal situations, like Western music, so I am so happy she is breaking the mold over there.

BIBI – Kazino

Bibi – Kazino M/V

Bibi is a new artist, and she has that sultry, unique, and captivating voice in addition to her “don’t care” attitude that she portrays not only within her music videos but in live performances too. In this music video, it is pretty dark, but it is so worth watching until the very end.

KATIE – Echo

KATIE – Echo M/V

Ahhh, I love KATIE! She has released a new song, “Echo,” and her music video is just STUNNING. What I love most about it is the music video cast is extremely diverse with people of all color. Also, the main male lead isn’t the typical K-pop boy look that you see in many boy groups and actors in South Korea. 

Even though KATIE was born in South Korea, she immigrated to New Jersey when she was ten, and all her songs are sung mainly in English. It feels good to hear sounds that are familiar as an Asian American myself! 

5 Favorite May 2020 K-Pop Female Solo Artist New Release

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