Baek Jong Won’s Bulgogi Recipe

Baek Jong Won Bulgogi Recipe

Baek Jong Won’s Bulgogi recipe has garnered nearly 1 million views on his YouTube channel and here is a quick go-to bookmark for his recipe. This is not my recipe, but a recipe I will use from time to time to make this version of bulgogi. My version of bulgogi is a bit more of…

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DREAM: A Life Made For You, By You

Cee Ng - Lifestyle Blogger | Live Learn Dream

The word “Dream” sounds like such a vague and intangible thing that I feel people immediately judge upon if it is your Dream; it’s only a Dream. That comment of “it’s nice that you have a dream but it’s unreachable, but still keep that in mind to work towards, ok?” which isn’t 100% genuinely being taken seriously. …

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2 Ways to Create a Favicon

There are two ways on how to create a favicon for your blog or website. There’s a quick & straightforward way, and then there’s the custom OG way. If you are a blogger, content creator, or a professional who is setting up their website and after you saw your site up in staging and was like,…

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Restaurant Review of Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum, Austin’s Authentic Shanghai Cuisine

Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum Restaurant

Are you looking for Xiao Long Bao or Soup Dumplings in Austin, Texas? There’s really only less than a few places that serve Shanghai-style Xiao Long Bao in Austin. Even with the selective restaurants who do have this dish, their soup dumplings do taste absolutely delicious. One restaurant, in particular, is at Lin Asian Bar…

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