Best Mexican Restaurant in Austin Texas: Azul Tequila Restaurant Review – Avocado Margarita, Enchiladas, Salsa

Azul Tequila - Chicken Enchilada with Green Sauce

Azul Tequila will always have a special place in my heart in Austin, Texas, because of their exceptional Avocado Margaritas and their legit, homemade, complimentary salsa. I was introduced to this restaurant as a happy hour go-to-location with my girlfriends in early afternoon Fridays or during brunch time on the weekends. I quickly found out…

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My Savings Model is Dependant on my Millennial Income

As a millennial, we face a lot of 2020 financial issues that are part of our daily landscape nationwide – rising rent and home prices, student loans, supporting other family members, and credit card debt. I have two savings models that I would like to share with you, as it depends on how much money…

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