Eat Jajangmyeon and Tangsuyuk at Lai Lai inside H Mart’s Market Eatery

Lai Lai is the only restaurant I have found in Austin that makes an extremely common dish in South Korea. Jajangmyeon 짜장면 and Tangsuyeok 탕수육 are South Korea’s favorite Chinese Korean food. Right when you walk into H Mart’s Market Eatery (food court), it’s the third vendor on the left. Can’t miss it! Lai Lai…

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Damma Restaurant Brings Authentic Korean Food to North Austin in H Mart’s Food Court

Alright, you’re looking for a legit Kimchi Jjigae in Austin, Texas but you just don’t know where – or instead, you’ve tried other places, but they just don’t hit “the spot.” I found IT – the closest authentic Kimchi Jjigae in this area. There’s this new restaurant part of H Mart’s Food Court that opened…

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The Ultimate Couple’s Guide to Bulk Shopping

As a couple living as two in an apartment or a house, there isn’t a need to go bulk shopping like when you were growing up if you had siblings. Also, if consciously trying to make sure you’re not wasting anything and eating more fresh produce rather than pantry items, it’s hard to buy in…

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The Best Cat Tree Condo You Will Find in 2019

Stop searching now. This is the perfect cat tree condo. I’ve researched for 3 months and several hours of going back and forth, digging numerously reviews (especially photo reviews), and I couldn’t be happier to find the perfect cat tree that is aesthetically pleasing and functions perfectly well for our two cats.  The cat tree…

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